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Jose Larin

16 December 2016

Happy Holidays! It’s been an interesting year at HootBoard since we released our web version to learn what organizations might be able to do with our bulletin board platform to improve their communications.

Since then, we have had 6,570 organizations create a HootBoard, 1,413 organization leaders reach out to us via various support channels, 500,000 emails sent out from HootBoard, and 285  calls/webinar sessions with board administrations and we have learned one simple thing. Effectively communicating with members of your organization is a huge task and there are many things to consider. Here’s just a few of topics we have learned about during our journey from speaking with property managers, communication directors, department heads and other organization leaders:

  • Individual preferences — Everyone has preferred methods of communicating and catering to various needs is important. Some live on Inbox Zero while others are mobile gurus
  • Generational trends — iGen, millennials, GenX, etc all have different habits and it’s important to factor this into your communications strategies.
  • Online & offline communication — Both have pros and cons. Pairing digital with effective offline can be powerful by providing multiple touch points and seamless experience.
  • Distribution channels — Intranets, mobile, sms, newsletters, digital signage, social, etc all play a critical roles in how we receive information have various tools
  • Types of content — Text based, articles, videos, surveys, giphy’s, podcasts, etc provide different values for member consumption .
  • Communications strategy — Communications doesn’t start with simply picking a tool. Having a high level picture can be helpful from going from idea to execution to rollout.
  • Measure and analyze — Data can be hard to come by. KPI’s are needed for continuous improvement. When data is there, analyzing it can help you understand the effectiveness of your efforts.
  • Emerging technologies — artificial intelligence, VR, automatic speech recognition and more will all start playing more important roles as they become more widely adopted
  • And more topics that we’ll be covering from here on out in our blog

Seriously though. What all this means is there’s lots of energy, processes, software, inefficiencies and time being put into communications.

With all of these topics coming up time and time again, we realized we are in a unique position to start a discourse around communications and what organizations can do to take theirs to the next level. We’d love to share our key learnings, resources and other valuable information with you.

With that being said, we’re excited to announce the kick off the Communications Blog and accompanying weekly newsletter that will cover everything communications. Best practices, tips, videos, resources, podcasts, etc spanning a number of different topics all with the focus on improving communications which means happier residents, students, employees or members of your organization.  

If you like what’s in store, a good place to start is by signing up for our newsletter and you will receive updates of our new blog posts along with other hand picked resources from around the web. And if you know someone else who this may be of value, please spread the word.

Lastly, we’d love to hear how you handle your communications at your organization. I’d encourage you to read about the Communications Stack and then take a 2 minute survey here. We’ll be using this information for a future blog post.

Thanks again for being a part of the HootBoard community.


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